BuiltWorlds 2021 US Summit Sessions: Ben Price, NOVA External Ventures Manager, Saint Gobain

In this BuiltWorlds Summit Session, we were excited to spend a few minutes with Ben Price, Nova External Ventures Manager, Saint Gobain.  Saint Gobain has been one of the industry’s most active strategic investors in recent years, with investments or partnership in startup companies like Factory_OSEcomedesInovuesOkibo, Unity Homes, Q-BotindecoHyperframe, omnex, cozy energy, crowdcomfort, homeys.io, caala, Sweeten, getninjas, vuux, inkbit, ossia, maxterial, Transaeracontinuous composites, ecodrop, and Tri-N-Collect. 

Saint Gobain: A Leading Global Innovator

Beyond investments and partnership with startups, Saint Gobain has been very active about fostering partnerships with others across the industry’s ecosystem, at home and abroad. For that reason, we added Saint Gobain to our 2021 Global Innovators List.  In addition to being a member of BuiltWorld’s Venture Forum, Saint Gobain is active with funds, accelerators and other groups, including Navitas Capital, Greentown Labs, Cubo, Impulse Labs, and Richland Capital.  It is an impressive mix of investing and other partnerships around the globe that collectively put Saint Gobain at the vanguard of the industry’s innovation ecosystem.

Major Themes Discussed: Digitization, Robotics, Sustainability.

In this short interview with Ben Price, we hear discussions around the increasingly common themes of increasingly robust digitization across project life cycles, the prospects for robotics and further automation, and also the way in which Sustainability objectives are increasingly impacting all aspects of our work.

Meet Ben Price at Venture East: Sustainability in Venture Investing.

As we look past the US Summit to our Venture East Conference, we will be picking up on this theme of Sustainability goals and their impact on investment in the emerging technology ecosystem. We expect to see more innovation in many areas of the sector that aim to make both the process of building and the products we deliver lower carbon emitting, more energy efficient, and more environmentally sustainable. We look forward to an insightful session at the conference looking at these trends, and we welcome Price to join us there.