The Supply Chain of Modularization

Supply chain management is the management of the flow and transformation of goods and materials from their origin to their final location.  Its goal is to proactively minimize disruptions and delays, increase pace and reduce cycle time, control and reduce costs, and simplify or automate activities. Supply chain management programs have been particularly difficult to deploy within commercial construction, largely due to varied local building codes, unique project requirements, difficulty in creating reusable and scalable standard designs and details, a highly fragmented labor force, and a decentralized project site assembly model.  This panel will explore the supply chain within modular construction, opportunities and challenges, and innovative supply chain solutions that enable a higher degree of market penetration of modularization.



Tim Jed, Supply Chain Leader, DPR Construction



Anil Sawhney, Programme Lead, Construction, RICS

Christopher Sharples, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects

Rob Caputo, Head of Katerra Multi-Family (KMF), KATERRA