Chengdu International Airport City

Chengdu Airport City is an urban planning challenge of unprecedented scale. The 600 SKM project on beautifully undulating typography will become a city of several million, initiated by the creation of the Sichuan Province capital city's second international airport -- joining the ranks of Beijing and Shanghai. The larger watershed, topography and tree cover together with climate and wind patterns have influenced the framework for future urban growth in this airport city.


  • Vision
    • Global Significance: Needs, aspirations, resilience, sustainable future
    • National Policy: Relevant goals, targets, identity
    • Regional Understanding: Zone of influence, geomorphology, climate, water, topography, ecology
  • Framework Plan
    • Site Systems: Water, native ecological fragments, ecological buffers
    • Open Source Framework: Native ecology, productive ecology, urban ecology, performance ecology


  • Design Strategies
    • The Mechanisms: Stormwater, ecological restoration, innovative eco-technology, robust matrix
    • Open Space Program: Stormwater, connected parks eco-grid, public urban parks, natural park reserve, urban agriculture
  • Implementation Strategies
    • Performance Measures: Datasets, proofs, precedents, science
    • Implementation: Guidelines, details, compliant
    • Outcomes and Experience: Day in life scenarios, human experience



City of Chengdu, China

Architecture & Design:

SOM (Skidmore Owings & Merrill LL

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