Construction Technology Forum

The Construction industry is ripe for disruption.

Emerging technologies, innovative trends, and new strategies are all aiding in making this giant, siloed industry more productive, cost-effective, and safe.

To continue to fuel the conversation around disruptive built tech, BuiltWorlds has launched the Construction Tech Forum.

As a member of the forum, you will meet monthly with a small group of contractors and other related players who are passionate about learning about and utilizing technology - both in the office and in the field.

  • Monthly Online Meetings - The Forum will meet monthly via online meeting for a one hour call where participants will be able to dicuss challenges they are addressing and also topic from our benchmarking and other programs. These calls will compliment our more presentation-style analyst calls and conference sessions.
  • Exclusive  Access to the Construction Tech Forum Group Site - By invitation and restricted to engineering and contruction company technologists, forum members will have acess to an exclusice forum site on BuiltWorlds where they can solicit and offer peer to peer support around the technology challenges they are facing and where members can share resources related to the meetings and other programming of the forum.
  • Twice a Year In-Person Meet-Ups – Two times a year the Forum will have the opportunity to meet get to know each other and engage in discussions in a private, face-to-face setting. Typcially, these meetings will take place in conjunction with a BuiltWorlds Conference or Summit in order to mazimize the value of any associated travel and also to provide more opportunity to learn and investigate together.

Join the Construction Tech Forum Today!

For more information on how to get started, contact Sam Huffman, Senior Analyst - Construction Technology at or follow this link to Membership.