Builtworlds Mid Continent startup challenge

Why the the Mid-Continent Startup Contest?

Since our very first Demo Day back in 2014, we have had the privilege of hosting many startup competitions around the country and the world. Now, as we move back to live, in-person conferences, we want to take the opportunity to go back to our roots and feature some of the most exciting startups from between the US Coasts. While the coastal regions have grabbed headlines for big exits in recent years,  there are also more mid continent startups sprouting up  in the industry than ever, and this challenge is an opportunity to explore and highlight a few of them.

How to Apply and What to Watch For Next

If your startup is based in a metropolitan area in the United States but not on the Atlantic or Pacific and has less than $1 million in revenue, was founded less than ten years ago, and has had no more than one round of institutional funding, you are eligible to apply. Just complete the attached form.

Apply Here

For everyone else, stay tuned for an announcement in June of our finalists who will have a chance to present – Live – at our Construction Tech Conference in suburban Chicago, Oakbrook, IL in July and also via live stream to our entire BuiltWorlds member network! And the winners will receive a free pass to our US Summit in Chicago in September!

Who will come out on top?

Join us at the 2021 Construction Tech Conference – Chicago to hear the pitches and see the winner announced at the end of the conference. 


Are you a “built tech” startup located between the North American Coasts looking to get more recognition from the industry?

In partnership with the BuiltWorlds Venture Forum and Venture + Program, BuiltWorlds is looking for Mid America’s most exciting startups aimed at addressing challenges facing our cities, buildings, and infrastructure. That includes construction tech, real estate tech, prop tech, and built tech.

It’s an opportunity for promising early-stage “built” companies (Series A or earlier) to get in front of 100+ potential customers and investors and the broader BuiltWorlds ecosystem. Meet the people who can transform while also getting exposure to media and in the BuiltWorlds newsletter.

About the Judges: Our Venture Programming is Made Possible by Our Venture Forum and Venture+ Members. Members of the Forum Direct Selection of Finalists and Winners.

Venture Forum & Strategic Members

Venture+ Members

How it works

1. You apply for the competition by entering your company info here.

2. Our Venture Forum and Venture + Members will vote on their top finalists.

3. Finalists will be invited to show off their latest work at our Construction Tech Conference in July.

4. The winner will receive one free ticket to our Summit in September 2021, the premier C-Suite gathering focused on innovation in the world of cities, buildings, and infrastructure.


4/21/21 – Startup Applications Open

5/24/21 – Public Announcement of Judges Participating

6/4/21 – Startup Applications Closed

6/11/21 – Public Announcement of Startups Participating

7/8/21 – Construction Tech Mid Continent Startup Challenge


– Less than a decade old

– No further than A-round in financing

– Located in a metro area not on the Atlantic or Pacific.

* Important Note: this competition is not based on investment or VC funding. We are most interested in identifying companies that are best suited to address a significant industry challenge and have the most exciting product market fits.

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