About buildpulse

BuildPulse helps building owners and operators unlock the data in their buildings and HVAC systems. BuildPulse provides easy to use reports that allow anyone on the team to drill down from building to system level problems. BuildPulse makes analyzing data fast, easy, and useful. BuildPulse identifies the root causes of potential energy problems, so that owners do not have to become experts in data analysis and can focus on what they do best.

BuildPulse currently serves Fortune 500s, commercial real estate, school districts, universities, and local governments. BuildPulse uses a plug and play device at the site of the building to pull available system data. BuildPulse combines the building’s data with weather data to produce estimates on optimal running conditions, specifically for that building and its subsystems. 

Key Facts

Established: 2013
Employees: 1-10
Type: Software & Technology
Markets: Unknown
Headquarters: Seattle WA
Sectors: Unknown
Total Revenue: Unknown
Affiliated Companies: Unknown

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