About Decacorn Capital

Decacorn Capital is a Singapore domiciled cross-border technology venture funding initiative, that curates startups across key destinations such as USA, Israel, Singapore, India, Estonia etc. At Decacorn we love to invest in startups that are led by high-caliber, resourceful entrepreneurs aspiring to disrupt big opportunities, either existing or newly enabled, with a technology enabled rapid adoption curve that provides instant gratification. Decacorn is focused on disruptive technology layers that cuts across verticals. These are AI, deep-learning & Robotics, Big-data Analytics, Blockchain based Crypto & Digital Wallets, CyberSecurity, Energy & Storage, Gene Technology and Cloud & Edge computing. At Decacorn we lookout for inflection point to invest in startups at both early-stage with multi-bagger potential as well as growth-stage where the value migration over a long hill of opportunity has just begun with a significant head room remaining to be harnessed. We consciously pony-up, on our winners by participating in their follow on funding rounds and put more money behind them, as we let the winners run while cutting the losers. Our Initial bite size is between US$ 300k to US$ 600k, with US$ 100k to US$ 1 million being the outliers. We pony up on winners in the next two or more rounds going up all the way to US$ 3 million, usually in a co-investment with stalwarts and angels, bell-weather VC funds, accelerators and incubators.

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Central Region, Singapore
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