About Fidelium

FideliumTech is reinventing how work gets done.

Our Crossover-Game platform, Slackrz, merges game play with real-world utility and education, adding an exciting twist to how manufacturing and construction projects are designed, engineered and built.The brightest minds in game development are inventing new ways to bring enjoyment and entertainment to complex tasks and STEM education.

Led by a team that combines expertise from the most innovative engineering, design, materials, and construction companies, we are transforming how buildings and spaces are brought to life. FideliumTech is off to a fast start with offices in four countries, we are developing global capabilities to solve some of the world most exciting production challenges.

Key Facts

Company Type
  • Architecture, Planning & Design
  • BIM/VDC; Software & Technology
  • Building Products & Materials
  • Cloud/Data; Software & Technology
  • Engineering
  • General Contractor
  • Schools, Universities & Training
  • Specialty & Subcontractor
Austin, TX
  • Architecture
  • Construction Software
  • Construction Technology
  • General Contractor
  • Planning & Design

People Who Work Here

Bryan Goeger

Managing Director