About Klaff Realty

Klaff Realty, LP is a privately owned real estate investment company based in Chicago, Illinois that engages in the acquisition, redevelopment and management of commercial real estate throughout the United States and Latin America. To date, Klaff Realty (including through partnerships and entities managed by it or its affiliates) has acquired properties and invested in operating entities that control in excess of 200 million square feet with a value in excess of $17 billion. The company’s flagship business line is the acquisition of distressed and under-utilized retail assets. Significant transactions in which Klaff Realty has participated include Safeway, Supervalu, Albertson’s, Mervyn’s, Rex, K-Mart, Montgomery Ward and Service Merchandise. Klaff Realty works closely with a prominent group of partners, including financial institutions, professional services firms, real estate opportunity funds, high-net-worth individuals, national brokers and tenants. Together, these partners structure real estate transactions that attempt to provide superior risk-adjusted rates of return for investors. Klaff Realty employs a staff of seasoned financial and asset management professionals with extensive industry experience and expertise in specific asset classes, primarily retail and office.

Key Facts

Illinois, United States
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Private Equity, Real Estate, Traditional Investor