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Engineered Solutions, and the Perfect Plan Make Anything Possible
With over 25 years of experience, Priestly Demolition is well known in the demolition industry, and a trusted partner of many across Canada and abroad. Over the past few years, this family owned and operated business has made large investments in it’s people, with new technology, in-house engineering, health and safety department and COR Certification. The focus is to bring all operations under one roof, and attract the brightest minds in the industry to help foster future growth.

It’s not just about demolishing a building anymore—it’s about the complete life cycle of the structure. With the help of technology, our trained experts can now dive deeper into the logistics of many different types of projects, helping to ensure clients are getting dollar for dollar results. With real-time production values and cross-platform technology PDI can stay on target, improve efficiency, and adjust as needed. We can identify sustainable opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint, and help our client’s with their long-term financial goals. Our mission is to work safely, and exceed client expectations, everyday!

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Ontario, Canada
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WOW Demolition 1,000 feet up. Gotta see this!

The Evolution of Priestly Demolition – A Force to be Wrecking with For 20 Years

Rolling a 827ft bridge off over a river in -40 weather. MUST WATCH!


2020 Adoption Leaders 50 List

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Shannon Kuyt

Operations Excellence Manager

Andrew Smith

VP of Finance
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