About Rhumbix

Rhumbix continuously improves how the world is designed and constructed by empowering the workforce with technology that delivers value to workers first.

Key Facts

Website: https://www.rhumbix.com/
Established: 2014
Employees: 11-50
Type: Construction, Software & Technology
Markets: Unknown
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Sectors: Unknown
Total Revenue: Unknown
Affiliated Companies: Unknown

Why Rhumbix is a Great Place to Work

The fabled Silicon Valley startup story usually begins in a garage, but for Rhumbix the story starts at a military base outside Djibouti City, Djibouti, during the Arab Spring of 2011. Co-founder Zach Scheel was serving as a civil engineer for the military. By day, he was managing large-scale construction projects, and by night, he stood watch in the Joint Operations Center monitoring more than 3,000 US troops using a technology called Blue Force Tracking that leverages GPS to monitor soldiers’ locations. The tool provided an extremely high level of visibility to military activity, which was in stark contrast with the paper time card system he was using during the day with his construction teams. 

A few years later Zach and Drew were both in Chile working on large infrastructure projects. Over beers in Santiago, they realized that even though their projects were different, the challenges they were facing with data collection and productivity were very much the same and could be solved if they had a tool like Blue Force to use on their projects. When they returned to the states, they officially founded Rhumbix and in a matter of months they had secured seed funding and completed a successful pilot.

Rhumbix’s first prototype was created by soldering together off-the-shelf wearables to be worn by craft workers for our original POC. It’s still in our office today and serves as a great reminder of the roots from which our platform was born: mobile tools that help workers build smarter and safer.

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