W.B. Olson, Inc

About W.B. Olson, Inc

We're a full-service, family-owned construction management/general contracting company founded in 1970. When outsiders look at the construction business, all they see is brick, beams, and bulldozers. Naturally, they assume the business is all about Things. But since 1970, we’ve known that the business is actually all about People. It’s the vision of our clients, the creativity of our architects, and the skill of our staff that sets our projects apart from the rest. It’s the people who use our facilities that turn a construction project into the vehicle of a student’s academic growth, or the setting of a family’s memories, or the mainstay of a community. We call ourselves The Construction People, because behind all the equipment, we know it’s the people that matter.

Key Facts

Established: 1970
Employees: Unknown
Type: General Contractor
Markets: Unknown
Headquarters: Northbrook, IL
Sectors: Unknown
Total Revenue: Unknown
Affiliated Companies: Unknown



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