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BuildIdeas! Employee Wellness


6.21.2017 7:30AM - 9:30AM


BuiltWorlds Studio 1260 West Madison St Chicago, IL 60607

Employers, how often are you thinking about employee wellness? Wellness initiatives don’t just benefit the workforce — they help contribute to the company’s bottom line, maximize productivity, retain strong talent, reduce risks that might lead to loss of time and money, and ultimately guarantee the long-term quality of an organization.

In many cases, however, employers might not know exactly what steps to take, or perhaps wellness initiatives in place don’t seem to be as effective once they’re put into action.

Hub International’s VP of Health & Performance, John Patrick, will:

  • Share Hub’s six-pronged strategy to a high-performing workforce
  • Identify action items employers can take with them to immediately improve company wellness
  • Argue that Money and Security should be a critical component to any company’s health and wellness program

Did you know: Stress caused by Money and Security is one of the leading causes of productivity loss, turnover and delayed retirement — costing employers millions annually. Are your strategies actually working?

Our second speaker, Chris Karam, CIO of Sheridan Road Financial, will:

  • Tell you why a 401K doesn’t solve the problem
  • Explore financial wellness concerns and offer employer guidance for how to look at a realistic solution

We’ll round out the day with Brett Walsh, Graycor’s VP of Human Resources. Graycor recently won an award for “Healthiest Companies in America.” Brett will discuss the solutions and strategies his company has implemented, and the steps they took to put them into action.

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