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Drones in Construction


8.5.2020 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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8/5/20 10:00 AM CST – In the past decade drones have now become commonplace on jobsites.  There are many use cases for drones, and they are prevalent during each phase of a project.  During this call we’ll hear from leaders at Thornton Tomasetti and their accelerator TTWiiN II and learn about their own in-house AI powered, drone-focused solution, T2D2.  T2D2 is a self-learning software that detects and classifies visible damage to various types of structures and materials.


Tom Scarangello

Executive Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti

Grant McCullagh

Director, Thornton Tomasetti

Gary Mancini

Managing Principal, Thornton Tomasetti

Badri Hiriyur

Vice President & Director CORE.AI, Thornton Tomasetti

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