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Robotics & Advanced Equipment


10.6.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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10/6 2021 10am CT. Robotics & Advanced Equipment  According to numerous sources, construction productivity has fallen by half since the 1960s. One of the largest contributing factors is the growing shortage of skilled workers. Construction robotics can improve building productivity by accomplishing tasks faster, safer, and more economically. Robotics & advanced equipment are technologies to bring construction into the 21st century. Many construction jobsite tasks are monotonous, dangerous, and expensive. These robotics improve your project’s productivity by tackling these tasks in a complex (and at times chaotic) jobsite environment. Robotics & automation has been gaining ground in real-world construction sites in recent years. The goal is to have these advanced tools work on digitized construction plans and accomplish these tasks alongside contractors. Contractors and developers are eager to see which tasks can be automated successfully. Learn more about BuiltWorlds’ Robotics & Automation topics to learn what the future holds in store and how the industry is currently using this technology to deliver more value.



Peter Bysshe

Brand Development, RECON Dynamics

Henning Roedel

Innovation Team, DPR Construction

Artem Kuchukov


Eveart Foster

Director, Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

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