Automation & Robotics: Rethinking Engineering and Construction Jobs Research Report


Approximately 50 percent of the current positions in the construction sector, according to The Economist, could be automated. That’s a good thing, too. With disruptive changes to business models expected to have a profound impact on the employment landscape in the coming years, the push toward using more automation and assistive technologies could quite possibly be the light at the end of every engineering and construction firm’s tunnel right now.

Across many business segments, from warehousing to retail to distribution, we are seeing an uptick in the amount of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to augment existing workforces. While the notion of a machine completely replacing human labor might seem far-fetched for many, there is already a strong movement toward humans and machines working together in the built environment.

What talent shortage? Tomorrow’s built environment could go “robotic” not only to gain effiencies but to also solve the current and looming labor shortages in engineering and construction.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What kind of leadership the engineering and construction industries need to drive learning and embrace change at a rapid pace.
  • Specific examples of how automation and robotics are being utilized to augment, rather than fully replace, human work in the sector.
  • How the construction site of the future will interface with these technologies and how to prepare your workforce for that inevitable digital transformation.

Of course, human judgment, logic, and creativity aren’t going to disappear just because robots and drones can operate autonomously or with little supervision. These innovations may change the way we do things, but the processes themselves will still require a human being. The difference is that the human can be freed up to be more creative and innovative, taking the construction and engineering industries to new levels.

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