Digesting the Immersive Reality Experience Research Report

With new tech fads entering the market each day it is important to stay ahead of what trends are here for the long-term. That is exactly what we intend to answer by educating our readers on how immersive reality technologies like VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) are disrupting not only the technology and entertainment industries but our own built industries.

We have created a research brief titled “Digesting the Immersive Reality Experience” to help you understand the current landscape of how these technologies are impacting your business and your competitors. We focus on the Real Estate, Architecture and Construction industries, but touch on broader concepts that will help you understand exactly why the immersive experience isn’t going anywhere.

In this report, we will explore:

  • The definitions and built industry breakdowns for each of the terms, VR, AR, MR and 3D technology and why they matter for you.
  • How leading tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are using AR/VR and what we can learn from their investments.
  • The different companies establishing themselves as leaders within the immersive reality landscape for the Real Estate, Architecture and Construction industries who are revolutionizing the way we think about collaboration and sales processes.


Download the report:

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