Going Lean: Toward Waste-Free Building


The built environment is full of waste. From solid debris generated on the job site to idle equipment and workers to double data entry in the office, the construction process is rife with inefficiencies.

In Going Lean: Toward Waste-Free Building, we’ve teamed up with Skender to explore how the practice of lean construction is transforming the industry to cut out wasted time and resources throughout the building lifecycle.

Born from the manufacturing industry, “lean thinking” centers around vertical integration, avoiding overproduction, minimizing the cost of handoffs between steps, and automating heavily-repeated processes. When applied to the building process, the practice of lean construction offers contractors and owners more consistent and reliable project delivery, and as a result higher quality results and increased value for customers and clients.

Check out this report to get up to speed on how lean principles are being applied from end-to-end to the process of design and construction.

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