BuiltWorlds Insights: The Rise of A.I. In Construction Research Report

From design, to project management, to jobsite safety, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is transforming the way we construct our world.

A.I. comes at the perfect time – Statista.com is projecting a 27% increase in construction spending in the coming years. Simultaneously, the construction labor force is shrinking. Therefore, construction professionals will need to leverage AI to keep up with demand.

When you consider the possibility of having machines design buildings and monitor the jobsite more closely than ever before, it rapidly becomes clear the positive impact that A.I. can have on construction. And there’s no shortage of tech companies and contractors that are already capitalizing on this trend.

So, in partnership with Microsoft, we have put together a 6-page research brief titled “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Construction” to help you understand the landscape and identify emerging trends in built world A.I. tech.

Inside the brief, you’ll find:

– The differences between AI, machine learning, and deep learning

– Case studies of AI technologies that are revolutionizing the design process, scheduling and productivity project management and jobsite safety

– Fresh perspectives on A.I. from built world thought leaders and predictions for the future of AI in construction.


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