The Key To Construction Productivity


The built world’s productivity lag is no secret. For a fast-moving and dynamic industry, construction projects still rely on outdated, inefficient practices. From the job site to the office, communication is often limited, access to important information is inconsistent, and scheduling is disjointed. The good news? That is beginning to change.

In The Key to Construction Productivity, we team up with Penta Technologies to explore the newest generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platforms, and how they are driving the built world to new productivity heights.

Advanced, flexible ERP solutions are empowering contractors, developers, workers, and designers to eliminate wasted time, facilitate collaboration, gain new insights, and save money. From field service management to fleet management, inspection dispatch, payroll management, predictive equipment maintenance, and more, ERP suites address key processes across the full construction lifecycle.

Check out this report to get up to speed on how ERP is transforming our industry, and how it can help make your business more efficient, profitable, and productive.