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New Orleans, LA

The role of the Vice President, Construction Technology & Innovation is to disrupt the status quo by developing and leading the execution of innovative, transformational strategies utilizing the latest technological advancements to design breakthroughs that deliver new value to our clients and partners



Drive key changes and transformational initiatives:

Strategically guide/lead innovation initiatives and ensure they align with strategic areas of focus. This includes industry research, discovering technology trends and determining their value to the core business objectives

Provide strategic direction for the company with regard to Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), technology implementation, laser scanning, virtual reality, 3D coordination and other technical services specialties

Maintain knowledge of the current and emerging technological advancements in construction materials, delivery methods, design, safety, software, and hardware

Support, develop, and drive potentially disruptive innovations forward from various stages of development (conceptual, incubation, implementation, etc.)

Work with cross functional teams and executive leaders to scale innovative solutions to bring value to clients and project teams

Allocate resources and setup teams to shape long term capability

Relationship Management:

Develop and lead a cross functional technology and innovation leadership team

Develop strategic partnerships with startups, outside vendors, and academic institutions that align with Palmisano core values, innovation goals, objectives, and strategy

Continuously reinforce the core values and manifesto, leading by example

Promote and lead a culture of innovation with leadership, project teams, and craft team members

Translate Strategic Vision into Action:

Collaborate to the create a strategy that underpins the CEO’s vision

Ensure usage of enabling technologies and workflows

Build out innovation capabilities and transferring them into the corporate culture to impact the broader organization

Optimize Operational Processes:

Create a framework of innovative themes, processes, and systems to deliver value on projects

Create cost efficiencies through innovative building strategies

Manage the process and monitor the progress of the various ongoing initiatives

Research and implementation of new technology platforms and solutions


10 + years of experience in the A/E/C industry, leading technology strategy and implementations in the areas of BIM, VDC, safety, software and hardware

Exceptional relationship building, listening and communication skills

Ability to break down complex processes and apply design thinking and lean principles for solving business and project challenges

Ability to lead cross functional teams to achieve overarching technology innovation strategy

Demonstrated experience directing strategic initiatives

Exceptional understanding of various construction technologies

Ability to adapt to a constantly evolving technology environment.



At Palmisano, our vision for a better world has made us the Southeast’s newest leader in construction.  Our foundation is built on a proven heritage of quality, service and contribution.  And even though our roots go back nearly 70 years, we’re just getting started.

We know that to continue our legacy of hard work, partnership and philanthropy, we have to evolve.  That’s why we created a new kind of construction company designed to foster the next generation of leaders.  A place where talented renegades are empowered to share their best work with millions of people – and where bold new ideas and technologies are embraced and cultivated.  Banded together with a renegade mentality, we relentlessly drive real value through our transformative projects and a shared vision for smarter, healthier cities.  Learn more about Palmisano’s mission at

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