’s Reinventing of Project Management Software

In the contemporary landscape of construction management software solutions, there is a bevy of options available to contractors when seeking to simplify their workflow and digitize age-old processes. Most of those solutions, however, focus on adding digital layers to a traditional workflow. They don’t reinvent the wheel; they just make it easier to turn., on the other hand, has reinvented the wheel, and it’s more efficient and easy-to-use than ever before.

Instead of focusing on documentation, proposes a new strategy for digital construction management: a platform with an emphasis on data, not documents, which can, in turn, be far more versatile than other available software. When data is perfected, documents can be created by simply mining databases. The key is the simplification and automation of repetitive tasks.

The user interface strives for familiarity.

“Our insistence on focusing on data means that we can mine information throughout the project database and it relate it to one another,” explained David De Yarza,’s CEO. “For instance, information from an issue can be tied to an RFI, or the status of a change order can inform the readiness of a schedule task in real-time.”

User licenses for range from free to $99 a month, a rarity in the project management suite sector. Since the company is run by builders, for builders, price transparency remains key for Thus, potential clients don’t have to offer up detailed information like project duration, construction value, and more. The barrier to entry is nonexistent and signing up is painless.

That ease of adoption is echoed when users are inside of the platform, too, since it equips them with familiar behaviors and visuals. “We make use of mentions with the “@” symbol to notify other users, and hashtags to add metadata,” De Yarza said. “There is certainly a generational bias to this approach, but maybe not as much as you would think. The demographic trends in construction make it clear that resistance to technology should be in the decline.”

At the end of the day, was conceived during a Hackathon. The environment, the “feeling of possibility you get when nothing is off the table,” as De Yarza details, is vital to the burgeoning company. Harnessing their real-world expertise, the team is now evolving their supply chain modules. Doing so requires to take an internal approach similar to that of a Hackathon — Learn from failure and experimentation and embrace them on the path toward success.

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