COVID: Ways This Pandemic Changes Smart Building & Future Construction

Learn how organizations are adjusting to the pandemic and what construction will look like in a post-COVID world. Credit: SoloInsight

As in other major events in human history, COVID will bifurcate timelines into pre and post. What does this mean for construction now and how should they adapt for the future? Join us on February 17 at 10 am CST when we explore how COVID-19 has influenced all aspects of smart building with Christopher Hoyes, Principal at Roland Berger, and Curtis Hrncirik, Sr Director of Security Solutions at SoloInsight.

Roland Berger is a leading management consulting firm. Headquartered in Germany, Roland Berger has 50 offices in over 36 countries – a global perspective for strategy.

From Roland Berger

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on smart buildings and our interactions with the built environment.  Roland Berger will give a brief presentation on the short term impacts we can expect in the retrofitting and renovations of smart buildings.  The presentation will also include an outlook on the long term building technology trends for a post COVID world.

SoloInsight is an innovative electronics engineering company that brings new 3D face-scanning technology to improve building security and visitor experience through the CloudGate Access Intelligence platform.

From SoloInsight

How we view security and safety has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Curtis Hrncirik will give a brief presentation on how COVID-19 has influenced all aspects of a smart building, from construction to tenancy. The presentation will also include the long-term impact of COVID-19 and how we ensure security and safety with automated workflows.

Credit: Roland Berger

This Week’s Discussion: COVID-19 Crisis and What It Means for Builders

This week learn from SoloInsight’s Curtis Hrncirik, Sr Director of Security Solutions and Architecture. Curtis walks us through just how much this crisis has impacted safety and security in all stages of smart-building – from design needs to construction to tenancy. Learn new technologies that aim to improve the security and automated workflow of buildings – and what this looks like in the future.

Learn strategy with Roland Berger’s Christopher Hoyes, Principal, as he walks us through the effects of COVID-19 on the construction industry. Christopher will go through short-term impacts as buildings aim to adjust with retrofitting and renovations. Finally, listen to an on which smart building trends bode well in a post-COVID world.

Construction in a Post-COVID World

We are in the midst of COVID-19 and the construction industry is already rapidly changing to adapt to this new world. This includes managing resources, technologies, and more. Learn how to thrive as the world ventures into unchartered waters.