IngeniousIO’s One-Stop Shop for the Future


The construction industry is a community of silos with each step in the building and management process being handled on a different platform. Streamlining the links between construction management, owner’s budgets, design, and more has proven difficult – a near impossible measure of efficiency in an industry that desperately needs it. IngeniousIO, however, may very well change that.

“As a company that represents our clients’ best interests through our Project and Cost Management services, we are constantly battling the negative effects on both budget and schedule due to the inherent inefficiencies in the design and construction process,” detailed Ed Stritch, president and CEO of The Concord Group. “The move from document-driven project management solutions to a data-driven solution is a must for any owner who wants constant transparency… IngeniousIO provides that solution.”

IngeniousIO is positioning itself to be a one-stop shop for owners and developers, harnessing the power of their upcoming platform to bring developers, architects, GCs, subcontractors, and vendors together under one umbrella. Inefficiency in the exchange of data isn’t cost-effective. IngeniousIO wants to facilitate that by making collaboration an exciting, easy prospect rather than a daunting one.

“We want people that are funding the projects and managing them to have real-time transparency with their projects,” explains IngeniousIO founder and CEO, Nick Carter. “Weekly meetings, phone calls, a bunch of documents… all of that was wasted time before. With Ingenious, it’s all on the dashboard.”

“Waiting for information is one of the largest causes of wasted time in the construction industry. IngeniousIO connects the dots so the right people have the right information to do their job instantly without parsing documents.” – Dan Klancnik, Director of Project Solutions, Leopardo Construction

IngeniousIO is already turning heads, too. “We are screaming for fast, efficient, and intuitive system support which binds the flow of information from the early stages into the bidding process through design to production,” said Emile Hamon of Veidekke, one of Norway’s largest construction and civil engineering companies, when raving about IngeniousIO.

Fixing a fragmented industry is no easy task, but it’s one that IngeniousIO seems uniquely poised to do because they’re so much more than a construction management platform. They’re a full-fledged solution that streamlines everything from payroll to weather tracking. “Efficiency is your future,” IngeniousIO claims on their website. With their new platform, that future may be a reality for the first time for a great many.

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