BuiltWorlds 2021 US Summit Sessions: Meirav Oren, CEO and Co-Founder, Versatile

We were pleased to spend a few minutes with Meirav Oren, CEO and Co-Founder, Versatile at our US Summit this past September, just days before news broke that Versatile had raised $80 million from Insight Partners and Tiger Global, as well as Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, Entree Capital, Root Ventures, Conductive Ventures, and Australian entrepreneurs, Leigh Jasper and Rob Philpot, who were involved in building and selling the Aconex Project Management Platform to Oracle in the industry’s first tech deal to break the $1 billion exit mark.

We first met Oren at our Global Summit in Paris in 2019, and she has emerged, not only as leading voice in the BuiltWorlds Global Network, but also in the industry’s global technology and innovation sector.  She is at the Vanguard of a host of promising Israeli construction technology entrepreneurs bringing innovative solutions to the rest of the world and providing insights into how cities around the world can become leading centers of excellence in the global ecosystem.

In this short interview, learn about Oren’s story, her perspectives on how the industry can continue and accelerate its advances and even some thoughts she may have for the technologists who are trying to serve the ecosystem.