Why is Graycor Pulling Brand New Tools from their Jobsites?

Throughout this season on Safe insight, we’ve looked how tool manufacturers and tech mavericks are producing safer tools for those on the jobsite. On this episode, we spend time with industrial contractor, Graycor, as they push a new initiative to develop safer tools in collaboration with manufacturers and peer companies in construction. On Graycor jobsites across America, Project Managers and Foremen have been trained to identify specific tools that don’t carry the state of the art safety features. With the purpose of this initiative is to drive the adoption of better and safer tools for the industry, that may mean even if that means replacing every tool that lacks the full range of available safety features. In this video, we spoke to two people who are integral in leading this effort.

Come see experts Tony Dinnocenzo and Ernie Anderson from Graycor speak at our Machines Conference on May, 3rd.


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