2020 Project Delivery Conference: The Connected Job Site With Andy Lambert, Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tool's Andy Lambert on the Connected Job Site

Session Overview: 

At our July Project Delivery Conference, Milwaukee Tool’s, Andy Lambert gave us a great primer on what we mean when we talk about the smart or connected job site today.  With an influx of tracking devices, reality capture solutions, and other on-site technologies, there are many ways to collect data on the job site. Andy walks us through the challenges contractors face in being successful and also in implementing technology. He also moves us through the evolution of client-server technology to mobile apps and then to broadly connected job sites. 

The Many Dimensions of The Connected Job Site  

Step-by-step, Andy gives an overview of where smart job site connectivity is coming into play on job sites today. Tool and Equipment management, materials tracking, drone and camera-based progress monitoring, wearables, environment monitoring, and other technology combine to complete the picture Andy paints, not of the job site of tomorrow, but increasingly of the smart job site of today.

Finally, recognizing the human challenges associated with implementing all of these changes on job sites, Andy addresses the organizational keys to successful development of technology strategies, identification of solutions, and roll out and implementation.  None of this is easy stuff, but he points to real examples of the technology he describes being rolled out on actual project sites. So, the smart job site is definitely no longer science fiction.

See Andy’s full presentation below. Then, if you are interested, explore related presentations and also join us each month as we investigate all the intricacies of setting up Smart Job Sites. This month (Sept. 16th at 10 am) we talk about the evolution of schedule controls. Also, Andy will be back with BuiltWorlds on November 4th for our Machines Call to discuss Milwaukee Tools’ new integration with Autodesk’s Project Management suite. This combination promises to leverage really interesting data directly from tools on the job site to fuel greater insights in our project management. It is a talk you won’t want to miss. 

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2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 3) Session Recording – The Connected Jobsite