About RECON Dynamics

RECON Dynamics serves the Contractor market in two areas; Automatic Tool Tracking and Materials Management, plus Aerial Lift Safety.

Three benefits of RECON’s Tool Tracking and Material Management System for Contractors:

1. Increased productivity – crews can respond to site deliveries quicker, while spending less time locating “lost” materials onsite

2. Simplified work flow – no need for employees to open an app or scan a code, all information is transferred automatically and securely across job sites and organization

3. Significant cost savings – accurate utilization data helps to cut spending on the purchase and rental of tools/equipment as their usage is optimized

Key Facts

Company Type
  • Cloud/Data; Software & Technology
  • Safety; Software & Technology
Bothell, WA
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Construction Software
  • Construction Technology
  • General Contractor
  • Logistics
  • Power Generation & Delivery
  • Telecommunications

People Who Work Here

Justin Loidolt

Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark thomas

Director of Business Development
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