About RECON Dynamics

You’re a company looking to reduce costs and grow project margins. Recon Dynamics is building technology to meet those goals.

With our Operational Intelligence (OI) platform, companies can quickly and automatically gather movement and motion-based utilization data about their tools, equipment, and materials. Use this data to work less, bill projects, and grow profits.

Leverage the same smart sensor platform to speed up projects and eliminate duplicate ordering of materials.

Three benefits of Recon’s Operational Intelligence (OI) platform:

1. Increased productivity – crews can respond to site deliveries quicker, while spending less time locating “lost” materials onsite

2. Simplified work flow – no need for employees to open an app or scan a code, all information is transferred automatically and securely across job sites and throughout the organization

3. Significant cost savings – motion-based utilization data helps to cut spending on the purchase and rental of tools/equipment as their usage is optimized

Key Facts

Company Type
  • Cloud/Data; Software & Technology
  • Safety; Software & Technology
Bothell, WA
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Construction Software
  • Construction Technology
  • General Contractor
  • Logistics
  • Power Generation & Delivery
  • Telecommunications

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Director of Business Development
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