Tools & Equipment 50 List 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Tools & Equipment 50! BuiltWorlds is proud to share its 2023 Tools & Equipment 50 List, which was derived from a combination of direct industry feedback, case studies, and the results of the 2022-23 Benchmarking Survey data.

The survey inquired about solutions being leveraged within Tools, Equipment, & Robotics including: equipment & machinery marketplace, fleet management & monitoring, tools management solutions, and smart equipment. This list illustrates top and emerging field solutions being leveraged by some of the largest contractors, engineers and specialty contractors from around the world.


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This list is part of our ongoing efforts to bring you the best research and information about cutting-edge tools and equipment used within the industry. Recently, we released our 2023 Tools, Equipment, & Robotics benchmarking report where we surveyed a wide array of contractors to get their input on technology they're currently leveraging on site.

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Equipment & Machinery Marketplace


EquipmentShare is a nationwide equipment and digital solutions company serving the construction industry. EquipmentShare offers a T3 technology platform and equipment rental, retail and service solutions. EquipmentShare operates as an equipment rental company and offers cloud-connected technology and equipment solutions to simplify construction work. EquipmentShare offers GPS tracking across rented fleets, keypads on machines for in-person and remote access control, and a service team dedicated to monitoring th health and performance of every rented machine.

United Rentals

As North America’s largest equipment rental company, with 1300+ stores in the United States and Canada, United Rentals serves construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities, homeowners, and communities, with the goal of fulfilling customer needs and surpassing expectations. United Rentals goes beyond equipment as the world’s largest fleet of problem solvers, with best-in-class specialty solutions, safety training and 24/7 support to empower client success.

Boom & Bucket

Boom & Bucket seeks to change the way contractors buy and sell used heavy equipment. For sellers, Boom & Bucket makes it quick and easy to get equipment online, offering best-in-class photos, videos, inspection reports and pricing analysis. For buyers, Boom & Bucket provides high quality support and transparency to support informed buying decisions.


IronUp is a mobile-app friendly online workflow software platform for rented equipment management. IronUp brings together renting, operations, and equipment management functions for the construction industry on a single platform. IronUp helps equipment renters professionally manage rentals and supplies to support lower costs and streamlined organizational workflow.


Skrap is an online marketplace for renting and purchasing construction tools and equipment. Skrap allows users to book, track, and manage different hire services for multiple sites all in one place. Skrap offers contractors an on-demand solution for construction hire and waste management services via mobile app and online portal, automating the construction supply chain. Skrap specializes in: Construction Hire, Construction Technology, PropTech, Skip Hire, Plant Hire, Access Equipment, Welfare Units, SaaS, PaaS, Waste Management, and Concrete.


Gearflow allows users to source parts, equipment, and machinery instantly using an automated RFQ process. Gearflow centralizes suppliers, enabling users to work seamlessly with local vendors and part suppliers; it also consolidates all communications and costs across fleet rentals and automates maintenance reports. Gearflow servs equipment owners, dealers and distributors, and manufacturers.

OES Equipment

OES Equipment is North America’s largest equipment rental company, with 1300+ stores in the United States and Canada. OES Equipment serves construction and industrial companies as the world’s largest fleet of problem solvers, with best-in-class specialty solutions, safety training and 24/7 support to empower construction and contractor success.


Equipzilla is the first Spanish marketplace specialized in renting industrial machinery and construction materials. EquipZilla offers a wide catalog of industrial and construction machines and tools offered by more than 500 rental companies. EquipZilla's machine rentals can be used for domestic and/or indutrial use. EquipZilla is a seed-stage startup.

DOZR is one of the world's largest online equipment rental marketplace which combines price transparency, a comprehensive view of the market, and a seamless user experience for contractors and rental companies. The DOZR platform enables business owners to earn additional revenue from their idle equipment and connect with new customers. DOZR is a Series B startup that raised $22M in funding in March 2022.


Tracktor is an online platform for construction equipment rentals. Tracktor provides an intant quote and allowers users to reserve heavy machinery and equipment directly online.Tracktor is a French Series A startup that raises $12.7M in funding in February 2022.


QuoteToMe is a procurement automation software for construction contractors to streamline procurement of material, equipment and temporary services for project needs. QuoteToMe's cloud-based software bridges the communication gap between operations and finance teams for construction contractors. QuoteToMe is a Canada-based seed-stage startup that raised $2.5M in funding in June 2021.


BigRentz offers a comprehensive equipment rental solution providing a seamless experience to customers and suppliers. They simplify the procurement and logistics challenges of renting construction equipment. Customers can browse equipment, view location-based market rates, request quotes, and place orders through their website or portal.

InTempo Software

InTempo Software builds customized solutions for local and independent regional rental operators across equipment, tool, event and specialty markets. InTempo's all-in-one rental software helps you manage the complete lifecycle of your assets from initial purchase through retirement, providing everything you need to rent, sell, and manage inventory.


Krank is an enterprise-grade SaaS platform that provides a new way to remarket your used and new equipment, generate leads, sell faster, improve sales revenues, and scale your brand and business. Krank Enterprise leverages network effects to provide customers with greater reach to high-intent buyers, converts them faster, reduces conversion costs and improves sales revenues. With full end-to-end control over sales data – plus Krank’s built-in analysis, customer analytics and forecasting – customers can generate actionable insights and influence buyer behaviour.


Machinio is a leading global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment. Machino provides a comprehensive database containing more active machinery listings than any other website. Machino also provides listings of online and in-person equipment and machinery auctions


Tobly is a leading heavy equipment and industrial vehicle rental resource built for facilities managers. Tobly offers equipment rentals in 30+ US locations.


YardLink is improving the way construction equipment is rented. Using technology, we’re helping building contractors find and rent equipment quickly, easily and cost-effectively from a network of trusted suppliers. Through a single account, contractors can source and manage a range of kit, from excavators to boom lifts, 24/7. YardLink handles the tasks of checking availability, coordinating delivery and assuring the quality of suppliers.


Fleet Management & Monitoring


HCSS Telematics is a comprehensive GPS solution that helps construction companies and contractors manage entire mixed fleets. HCSS construction equipment tracking software sends telematics data to other HCSS products to catch errors, reduce double entry, and can even receive meter readings directly from your machines to automate your fleet’s preventive maintenance cycles.

DPL Telematics

DPL Telematics is a leading provider of advanced asset monitoring, GPS and telemetry technologies for the construction industry. DPL aims to deliver a reliable, world-class solutions with unsurpassed support service; every unit is built, tested and serviced, with expert product support available. DPL offers products including: AssetView, AssetCommand, FleetView OBDII, and TITAN.

B2W Software (Trimble)

B2W Software by Trimble helps contractors and construction companies increase fleet utilization and lower repair costs with software for automated preventive maintenance, streamlined equipment management and data-driven insights. B2W helps firms optimize fleet investments and connect the shop, field and teams with features and services including: streamlining repair requests and work order processing; creating and automating user-defined preventive maintenance plans; integrating parts and inventory management; providing quick and easy access to equipment history and service records; and more.

Eclipse Fleet Service

Eclipse Fleet Service is a fleet management company that specializes in commercial fleet and collision repair for heavy-duty trucks and oversized vehicles. A regional company, Eclipse Fleet Service is services clients in Maine, Virginia, and Ohio.


Powered by AI and data intelligence, GeoTab helps contractors and construction companies unlock actionable insights and recommendations to boost fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability. GeoTab offers services for fleet fuel management, fleet optimization, fleet maintenance, and fleet benchmarking.


Leaseplan services are geared toward helping construction companies reduce costs, keep employees safe and happy, and work toward a greener planet. Leaseplan specializes in fleet management, risk management, and compliance management/reporting. Leaseplan offers core services including maintenance and fuel management, as well as innovative, data-driven solutions to manage efficiency.


Tendered is an AI platform that converts data from any equipment into actionable insights to reduce costs, increase utilization, manage routes, and lower emissions. Within their specific focus on the construction industry, Tendered, helps contractors and AEC professionals increase equipment up-time, manage maintenance schedules, and digitize the machine rental process.

RentalResult (Wynne Systems)

Wynne (Rental Result) is a comprehensive ERP solution for equipment and asset management designed to control costs, streamline operations, and enhance business performance. Wynne offers tool and equipment tracking software to provide real-time status updates on all project assets more efficiently among multiple projects and job sites. Wynne integrates with major ERP software and provides real-time data to help minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.

Veristart Technologies Inc.

Veristart helps construction equipment owners reduce risk, cost, and downtime by putting construction equipment keys in the cloud. Veristart Technologies Inc. is a pre-seed stage startup that raised $75k in funding in May 2023.


Hiboo operates as a hub for all data emitted by construction equipment. Hiboo collects, centralizes, and delivers data from any moving equipment involved in a construction site. Hiboo’s vision is to help the end user access and use their equipment data wherever it makes sense for them: in specific software(s) or directly in Hiboo’s fleet management platform. Hiboo is a seed-stage start up that raised $4.1M in funding in October 2021.


Quipli is a U.S.-based maker of advanced software that lets independent rental companies accept customer orders and receive payments online, as well as gain unprecedented control over rental inventories, scheduling, and much more. Quipli enables local rental companies to offer the technology of the industry's largest players, at a fraction of the cost.


Proemion offers access to insightful telematics data from every vehicle and machine on a job to support smart business decisions for growth. Proemion provides telematics for mixed fleets that can be managed on site or remotely. Proemion is a venture-stage startup that raised $33.50M in funding in October 2022.


BusyBusy offers a simple, easy to use mobile time tracking and equipment tracking solution for construction companies. Their platform provides access to important project data, helping builders save time, increase profitability, and eliminate the hassle of paper time cards.


Clue is an all-in-one construction management platform that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime for the entire fleet. With Clue, customers eliminate 20% of annual operational waste through better productivity management, maintenance, asset allocation, and total cost of ownership planning.

Command Alkon

Command Alkon is the leading software and solutions provider bringing together technology and people for the heavy building industry. Command Alkon’s customer-focused suite of technologies automate and streamline all aspects of the heavy building materials industry.


Gauge’s mission is to find a straighter path to operational efficiency for fleet owners. While telematics presented new opportunities, it only represented part of the equation. Gauge ventured to solve this dilemma by bringing on mechanical and electrical engineers that brought innovative solutions to fleet managers looking to consolidate processes not typically associated with telematics applications.

Machine Max

MachineMax is a heavy equipment platform that helps companies maximize the productivity and profitability of every machine in their fleet. It seamlessly integrates data from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) onboard telematics, third party sensors and hiring systems to provide users with a simple easy-to-use interface which gives full visibility and real-time data for every machine in a fleet, looking at its activity, rental utilization and fuel/emissions usage.


Tenna is a total equipment management tool for contractors, designed and built by contractors for contractors. Tenna tracks everything in a construction company’s mixed fleet on a single platform. Tenna's hardware is durable and ruggedized to withstand the conditions present in rough construction environments to ensure reliable tracking, and their software is geared towards generating relevant data for construction business that helps improve visibility, workflows and communication across all levels of the business from the field to the shop to the office.


Tools Management Solutions

ON!Track (Hilti)

ON!Track combines Bluetooth asset tags, cloud-based software, and Field Resource Management Solutions to help project teams solve problems related to managing assets, consumables, service and repair needs, workers, and safety certifications. ON!Track's smart tags and connected services detect real-time activity and produce data and insights on which tools are idle where tools are needed most.

RentalResult (Wynne Systems)

Rental Result provides ERP software to the largest rental companies in the world. Rental Result's applications are designed to help increase efficiencies across construction companies, using the latest technologies to deliver a competitive edge that will increase revenue, decrease costs and grow business. Rental Result specialties include: Equipment Rental Software, Construction Equipment Management Software, Oilfield Services Rental Software, and Enterprise ERP for the Rental Industry.


ToolWatch helps construction companies improve productivity by streamlining their operations across field, warehouse, and back office teams. ToolWatch's powerful, easy-to-use platform drives more effective management of tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. ToolWatch helps customers run their businesses more efficiently and more cost-effectively. ToolWatch integrates with ERP, manufacturer, and project management systems.

Orion Platform (SolarWinds)

The SolarWinds Orion Platform is a powerful, scalable infrastructure monitoring and management platform designed to simplify IT administration for on-premises, hybrid, and software as a service (SaaS) environments in a single pane of glass. Orion believes that customers shouldn’t have to deal with a collection of spreadsheets, incompatible tools, and overpriced products and deployment services. The SolarWinds Orion Platform help contractors and construction companies conquer infrastructure monitoring and management by offering superior tool consolidation while providing unique integrated functionalities.


RoviTracker collects critical metrics like fuel level, battery voltage, solar charge, engine run time, GPS etc. with a smart device and a web based software. RoviTracker is hardware-agnostic; it can work with any make and model of equipment. As a remote asset management software, Rovitracker gives you vital metrics, so you have better visibility on all your assets.


BeeInventor is a Hong Kong-based IoT technology company dedicated to changing the traditional construction industry. BeeInventor products include Intelligent Cloud Platform, a system platform that manages and supervises all aspects of construction engineering on any smart device, including site equipment, materials and personnel information and real-time conditions. BeeInventor supports BIM and GIS integrations.


Infogrid's AI-powered platform gathers and analyses data from the smartest IoT technology to drive our mission of making every building healthy, efficient and sustainable. Infogrid is a UK-based Series B startup that raised $90M in funding in April 2023, led by Original Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Northzone, TVC, JLL Spark, Committed Capital, and Pictet.

RECON Dynamics

Recon Dynamic’s ultra long-lasting, wireless tool and equipment sensors remotely capture second-to-second usage data without scanning or battery changes. Customizable reports deliver Operational Intelligence reports to save measurable amounts time and money.


ShareMyToolbox takes a modern approach to tracking tools and equipment. Contractors use a simple app to allow the shop to loan tools to the field. Field workers can then transfer tools between people and locations as needed. Responsibility for each tool is maintained with these transfers. This allows the company to have visibility into the tool inventory both in the shop and in the field.


Smart Equipment


Xpanner provides Construction Technology as a Service (TaaS) solution. The Xpanner team brings smart construction technolgy and instruction to clients' site, eliminating the requirement for customers to have a preexisting understanding of the technology. Xpanner offers productivity improvement via advanced machineries; management efficiency via connected and real-time work flow; and safety improvements via the Xpanner tracking system

ROEBL by Cooper Gray Robotics

Cooper Gray Robotics has developed ROEBL, an electric-powered skid steer equipped with intelligent drive technology. This autonomous technology brings the power of a traditional skid steer into more dangerous or close quarters at lower operating cost and lower safety risk.

Bigge Crane

For more than 100 years, Bigge has been one of America’s premier crane sales, crane rental, and project services companies. Their innovative, specialized project teams have provided heavy lift, heavy rigging, specialized transportation equipment, and innovative engineering solutions for some of the most challenging projects across the US.


Driven by the vision of a fully-autonomous jobsite, IntSite is developing a ground-breaking autonomous crane system. The technology promises to improve safety, profitability, and productivity on construction projects, while also allowing for the capture of new, valuable data points along the production process.

FrontRunner by Komatsu

Komatsu’s FrontRunner is an Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) that uses GPS navigation to allow large electric mining trucks to operate to a complex plan rather than an operator. Their technology can significantly increase productivity, and in 2018 set the world record for autonomous haulage with more than two billion tons of surface material moved autonomously.


Cat Command (Caterpillar)

Cat Command enables you to implement remote control, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mining equipment systems, offering unprecedented improvements in operator safety, equipment availability and site productivity. Cat Command is currently available for dozing, excavation, and loading.