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Hook: The top two uses for waste tires are: 1) Burning them 2) Burying them.

Innovation: We have a better solution. Pretred recycles and repurposes waste tires into industrial barriers and blocks. Our patent-pending, green alternative offers superior benefits, better pricing, and solid margins.

Closed-Loop Capacity: We reuse 60 waste tires for every 6-foot barrier we make. One-mile of barriers can reuse 52,800 tires and one manufacturing facility can use up to 3 million waste tires per year. Our barriers are 90%+ recycled material and 100% recyclable. Our goal is to establish multiple facilities that will recycle billions of pounds of waste tires every year.

Environmental Problems: Waste tires have one of the worst recycling records. Today, the top two uses are burning and burying them. 300 million waste tires are created in the U.S. annually. Colorado is home to a 60 million waste tires dump (largest in U.S.). Concrete is one of the most destructive materials on earth and accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions.

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