Built Industry Venture Investment Builds On Strong 2021 In Q2

We saw a major increase in activity during Q1 2021 when compared with the investment pace seen during 2020, and the activity seen during Q2 has shown no signs of investment appetite this year letting up. Activity increased substantially during April, May, & June.  January through March saw a total of $775M invested across 31 different deals.  Q2 saw a 71% increase in the amount of funding given to Built Industry startups compared to Q1, climbing to $1.3B in deals catalogued by the BuiltWorlds Team in April through June. Also worth noting is Procore’s May IPO where they raised $634.5M in their offering priced above their marketed range.  Although we do not include IPO activity in our Venture Dashboard, or the information in this report, when taking Procore’s public entrance into account Q2 total Built Industry funding saw a total of $1.96B.

Taken in total & not inclusive of IPO activity, 2021’s pace of deals represents a sharp increase from what we saw during 2020. As seen in our 2020 Venture Deals List $1.5B was raised across the full year, and so far in the 1st half of 2021 we’ve seen a total of $2.1B raised, representing already a 1.4x increase in amount raised from the full prior year.

Workrise, Prescient, & Flyhomes saw the largest investments during the second quarter, receiving $300M, $190M, & $150M respectively. Workrise is a workforce management solution for the skilled trades. Prescient offers a digital design/build system for multi-unit housing and hotel structures. Flyhomes is a real estate technology company making it easier to search and buy a home.

Others receiving investment in Q2 2021 include Canvas, SafeAI, Aclaimant, Modulous, Gearflow (BuiltWorlds Startup Challenge Winner), Avatour, & Propergate. Below, is a breakdown of the deals by size, topic area, amount invested per month, amount invested by round, notable investors, as well as a full listing of each deal announced during Q2 2021.

For A Full List Of Active Investors & All Recent Investments Made In The Space Check Out The Venture Dashboard

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Q2 2021 Deals - Notable Investors

wdt_ID Investor Investments Made
1 Avatour
2 OpenSpace
3 Canvas
4 Workrise, Flyhomes
5 Aclaimant, Transcend
6 RoboticPlus.AI
7 Material Bank
8 Flyhomes
9 Briq, Toggle
10 Plus One Robotics
11 Curri, Canvas, SafeAI
12 Workrise
13 SafeAI
14 Flyhomes
15 HqO
16 Flexbase
17 Assignar, Flyhomes
18 Workrise
19 Material Bank
20 Transcend, Pretred
21 HqO
22 Plus One Robotics, Assignar
23 Prescient
24 HqO, OpenSpace
25 Factory_OS

Q2 2021 Deal Activity

wdt_ID Company Name Company Specialty Funding Type Amount Raised USD (in millions) Month Announced Investor(s)
2 Workrise Field Management Series E 300 May 2021 Baillie Gifford, Franklin Templeton, Founders Fund, Bedrock Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Moore Strategic Ventures, 137 Ventures, Brookfield Growth Partners
3 Locusview Project Management Series A 64 May 2021 Israel Growth Partners
4 Factory_OS Prefabrication & Modular Structures Series B 60 April 2021 Lafayette Square, JPMorgan, Saint-Gobain
5 Plus One Robotics Robotics Series B 33 April 2021 McRock Capital, TransLink Ventures, BMWi Ventures, Kensington Capital Partners, Ironspring
6 Transcend Design Venture Round 10 May 2021 Aspen Capital Group, HG Ventures, PureTerra Ventures, Vespucci Partners
7 Toggle Robotics Series A 8 June 2021 Tribeca Venture Partners, Blackhorn Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Twenty Seven Ventures
8 Modulous Prefabrication & Modular Structures Venture Round 7 June 2021 Blackhorn Ventures, Cemex Ventures, GroundBreak Ventures
9 Curri Supply Chain Management Series A 6 April 2021 Brick & Mortar, Initialized Capital, Rainfall Ventures
42 Doorstead Building Operations & Maintenance Series A 13 April 2021 Madrona Venture Group
45 Arturo Inspection Series B 25 April 2021 Atlantic Bridge Capital, RPS Ventures, Crosslink Capital, IAG Firemark Ventures
49 Extracker Collaboration & Documentation Series A 5 June 2021 Jackson Square Ventures
50 Triax Technologies Wearables Series A 13 June 2021 McRock Capital, Connecticut Innovations
55 Monograph Inc. Project Management Series A 7 May 2021 Index Ventures, Homebrew, Parade Ventures, Designer Fund
61 Assignar Scheduling Series B 20 May 2021 Fifth Wall, Tola Capital, Ironspring
70 Mooven Planning Series A 5 June 2021 Equity Venture Partners
75 RoboticPlus.AI Robotics Series B 20 April 2021 BAI, C Ventures, Linear Venture
76 Briq Data Analytics Series B 30 June 2021 Tiger Global, Eniac Ventures, Blackhorn Ventures
78 XYZ Reality AR/VR Series A 28 June 2021 Octopus Ventures
89 Prescient Consulting Venture Round 190 May 2021 JE Dunn, Eldridge
91 Dabbel HVAC Seed 4 May 2021 Target Global, Main Incubator, SeedX
98 Flyhomes Equipment Tracking Venture Round 150 Jul-21 Tiger Global, Spruce House Partnership, RedBird Capital Partners, Tru Arrow Partners, Romulus Capital, Insight Partners, Anchorage Capital
100 Buildings IOT Building Operations & Maintenance Venture Round 10 May 2021 Keyframe Capital
101 Dusty Robotics Robotics Series A 17 June 2021 Canaan Partners, NextGen Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Root Ventures, Cantos Ventures
102 OpenSpace Image Capture Series C 55 April 2021 Alkeon Capital Management, PSP Capital, GreenPoint Partners, New World Development, Lux Capital, Menlo Ventures, JLL Spark, Navitas Capital, Zigg Capital
103 Aclaimant Risk Management Series B 15 April 2021 Next Coast Ventures, Mercury Fund, KEC Ventures, Royal Street Ventures, Aspen Capital Group
104 Canvas Robotics Series B 24 April 2021 Menlo Ventures, Suffolk Construction, Alumni Ventures Group, Innovation Endeavors, Brick & Mortar, Obvious Ventures, Grit Labs
106 Aeditive 3D Printing Seed 7 June 2021 BitStone Capital, Atlantic Labs
107 Material Bank Materials Marketplaces Series C 100 May 2021 General Catalyst, Durable Capital Partners, Bond, Lead Edge Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Raine Ventures
108 SafeAI Robotics Series A 21 June 2021 Builders VC, Obayashi, MACA, Vimson Group, Monta Vista Capital, Embark Ventures, DG Ventures, Brick & Mortar, Autotech Ventures
120 HqO Building Operations & Maintenance Series C 60 April 2021 Accomplice, Insight Partners, JLL Spark, Navitas Capital, DivcoWest, Allegion Ventures, PruVen Capital, Cushman & Wakefield, Suffolk Construction
123 Pretred Materials Seed 3 May 2021 HG Ventures
124 Gearflow Equipment Marketplaces Seed 3 June 2021 Watchfire Ventures, Newark Venture Partners, Liquid 2 Ventures, Path Ventures
125 Avatour AR/VR Seed 3 May 2021 Ulu Ventures, Merus Capital, NTT Docomo Ventures, Plug & Play, 500 Startups
126 ToolBelt Recruiting Seed 3 May 2021 HR Tech Investments, Saint-Gobain, Elevate Capital, Cascade Seed Fund
127 Flexbase Financing Seed 3 May 2021 Hustle Fund, Suffolk Construction, EquipmentShare, Romulus Capital, Chapter One, Banana Capital, Social Starts, Great Oaks Venture Capital
128 SiteKick Image Capture Seed 2 April 2021 Great North Ventures, Bootstrappers.mn, Rice Park Capital
129 Contilio Image Capture Venture Round 2 June 2021 Pi Labs
130 Kenoteq Materials Venture Round 1 May 2021 Zero Waste Scotland
131 ProperGate Supply Chain Management Seed 1 May 2021 SMOK Ventures, Realty Corporation Limited
132 PayShepard Payments Seed 1 May 2021 Thin Air Labs, Yaletown Partners, Tribune Capital, Strategic Equities Group
133 QuickBlock Materials Seed 0 April 2021 Equity Gap, Scottish Enterprise