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ProperGate (propergate.co) is a smart collaboration platform that uses digital processes to optimise the handling of materials on complex construction sites. It intelligently connects logistics coordinators with the various trades, gate keepers and equipment operators working on-site, as well as off-site suppliers and the drivers that work for them.

By using ProperGate’s smart assistance in planning, registering, ordering, scheduling, unloading and reporting, any company can bring just-in-time material deliveries to its construction projects. And with efficient logistics comes reduced delays, more robust environmental protection, improved staffing, and ultimately a better bottom line.

We have entered the era of sustainable construction. Construction companies need to be doing more to meet their obligations, such as monitoring CO2 emissions to reduce their carbon footprint and tracking waste fractions to increase their recycling rate.

In a simple and intuitive way, ProperGate enables the effective management of processes traditionally characterised by disorder and unpredictability. Using its web application – designed to work on everything from a smartphone to a full-size computer screen – deliveries by multiple subcontractors can be easily coordinated, communicated, and monitored in real-time, and any issues can be quickly spotted and corrected right away.

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Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
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Equipment Tracking, Materials Tracking, Safety, Security, Sensors, Supply Chain Management

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