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About Triax

At Triax Technologies it is our mission to transform the most challenging work environments and industries through intelligent, innovative technology and real-time data collection and analytics to make worksites run faster, safer, and smarter.

To achieve this, we deliver a fully connected Internet of Things (IoT) platform through a proprietary communication hub designed for Construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, Heavy Industrial and other challenging IT environments. Our flagship Spot-r system elevates worksite visibility, safety, security and risk, connecting workers, equipment and operations through a scalable, minimal infrastructure network, wearable and sensor devices, and a cloud-based dashboard. By providing real-time, data-driven visibility into site access, worker and equipment location, manpower, safety incidents, and evacuation and muster procedures, Spot-r enables actionable insights, helping firms streamline processes and work safer and smarter.

In March 2020, we began engineering efforts on a social distancing and contact tracing solution to combat the challenges that all essential workforces are facing in the time of COVID-19. Our goal is to assist in keeping essential workers safer during the active crisis and help individuals get back to work safely as things stabilize.

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Data Analytics, Equipment Tracking, Hardware, Project Management, Safety, Security, Sensors, Wearables


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