About PypeServer

PypeServer extends the digital manufacturing workflow from the design office down to the shop floor.

CAD and BIM operators can export their pipe spool designs directly into PypeServer, including job details for easy tracking and reporting later on.

Detailers use PypeServer to prioritize which jobs needs attention and which parts to prioritize. PypeServer then calculates job completion times, pipe bills of materials, and torch-on time.

Procurement uses this information to stage the exact length of pipe and consumables needed for each job.

Machine Operators easily fine-tune the design or adjust imported parts for the best fit. PypeServer’s sophisticated algorithms auto-nest each queued part for the maximum use of pipe and optimize cut quality to greatly reduce the need for grinding or filling during fit-up.

PypeServer documents what cuts have been made and updates its database in real time so upper management can track and optimize productivity.

PypeServer is easy to learn and use, simplifies workflows to increase productivity, and pays for itself quickly.

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Washington, United States
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BIM, Building Operations & Maintenance, Prefabrication & Modular Structures


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