Big data’s Dodge joins with STACK to streamline bidding

Subcontractors can anticipate quicker and more comprehensive access to plans and specifications for commercial building projects, while general contractors can expect quicker and more accurate bids.

So goes the thinking behind a new partnership between New York City-based Dodge Data & Analytics and Mason, Ohio-based STACK Construction Technologies that will integrate biddable blueprints and specs from Dodge plan rooms with STACK’s user-friendly, cloud-based takeoff and estimating tools. The companies expect the software integration to be up and running in January.

As planned, builders will be able to access both Dodge data through STACK software and STACK’s capabilities through Dodge’s platform, better equipping them to plan, bid and execute projects, according to the two enterprises. “The partnership connects the ways in which customers find project work to the take-off and estimation tools necessary of executing work,” said Chris Gaudreau, Dodge’s head of product management. “Specifically, the linkages between the two platforms improve efficiencies in the bidding process, seamlessly connecting the project data and bidding documents to STACK software.”

Continuous improvement: “Everything we do serves the single purpose of improving processes and outcomes in the construction industry.” — Mike Petrullo, CEO, Dodge Data & Analtytics

The alliance likewise  “represents another major stride towards our vision of an integrated cloud-based hub serving customers seamlessly at every stage in the construction workflow,” Dodge CEO Mike Petrullo noted in a statement.

“Not only will the integration of our tools enable contractors to grow their business through significant efficiencies, it will feed data back into the industry, giving building product manufacturers more visibility into how their products are being used,” added STACK Founder and CEO Phil Ogilby. “Together, we’re advancing a powerful construction technology platform to improve the way the industry operates and to drive additional growth for our contractor customers.”

STACK, purportedly the industry’s only 100 percent cloud-based solution for takeoff and estimating, has established partnerships with several builder exchanges and plan rooms, Dodge included, eliminating the time and effort required to visit a project’s web site and piece together all relevant blueprints.


STACK’s story: Philip Ogilby, founder and CEO of STACK, is a veteran entrepreneur

“By storing all the project-plan files in the cloud, STACK makes it easy for users to view, measure and color code plans directly on their computer screen and from their browser window, with no downloads required,” said Kevin McClory, user experience analyst with STACK. The format facilitates ease of use from any computer, whether in the office, at home or even on the job site, STACK says.


— Chris Gaudreau, head of product management, Dodge Data & Analytics.

STACK is well suited for medium and large general contractors and specialty contractors with multiple estimators and more than one location. The entire team can access the same set of plan files at the same time via Mac, PC or tablet, reducing errors resulting from working with out-of-date drawing files.

STACK Pro allows users to quickly expand all measured values from their takeoff into a detailed list of materials by adding Items and Assemblies.

“Our Assemblies incorporate powerful formulas to convert measurements into material, labor and equipment details,” McClory said. “Take interior finishing as an example. STACK will convert surface-area measurement of the wall into the total amount of steel studs, gypsum boards, gallons of paint and hours of labor required to complete the job.”