Goose Island 2.0 panel eyes more sustainable future

by ROB McMANAMY | March 12, 2015

“Build it and they will come.”  Well, actually, most urban futurists agree that they already are coming, and burgeoning populations around the globe are forecast to fill our cities like never before, both sooner and later. So, places like Chicago, Paris, Buenos Aries, Shanghai, Nairobi, and every other burg with at least one traffic light had best be ready.

   Moderator: CBRE's Lyne

   Moderator: CBRE’s Lyne

Here, astride Lake Michigan, that message has been received, and already there are several innovative building and land reuse projects under way and in the pipeline that merit wider attention. Such work here, across the U.S. and around the globe, form the basis of BuiltWorlds’ new Project Innovation Series, which kicks off Tuesday, March 17, with Goose Island 2.0, a panel discussion and presentation sponsored by CBRE and R^2 Companies, (formerly South Street Capital).

    R^2's Garrison

    R^2’s Garrison

      SD's Drew

SD’s Drew

Moderated by CBRE Senior Vice President Dan Lyne,  our all-star panel will offer perspectives from R^2 Managing Principal Matt GarrisonUI Labs‘ Executive Director Caralynn Nowinski, and veteran realtor and general contractor J. Michael Drew, founding principal of Structured Development LLC. Initially, they will be discussing 909 West Bliss on Goose Island, a commercial office location at the intersection of manufacturing and technology. But the group will also discuss other properties in Chicago, as well as prevailing national and international urban redevelopment trends.

UI Labs' Nowinski

UI Labs’ Nowinski

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch our new series with such a high-powered panel of recognized experts,” says Matt Abeles, BuiltWorlds managing director. “Demographics are forcing all of us to be more creative and innovative. Gone are the days of overdevelopment and over-building on spec. This group represents the kind of careful thought leadership that will be needed to make our shared future both sustainable and enjoyable, here and everywhere.”

Repurposing old industrial lands to become hotbeds of technology and innovation that serve the needs of a generation looking for sustainable spaces requires considerable thought at the planning and design levels. So, we expect that this panel discussion will appeal not only to the real estate community, but also to the planners, architects, designers, materials manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, and even the operations and maintenance personnel responsible for managing life cycle costs for buildings and other infrastructure over time.

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