Healthier Buildings: Pioneering Innovations for Sustainable Materials

Credit: NOVA

Sustainable materials are at the core of future construction. The ability to bring new innovations can lead to improved building efficiencies, waste reduction, and cost savings. Join us Wednesday, March 17th at 10 am CT as we explore smart building products that promote building wellness and health of occupants with NOVA Saint-Gobain and Armstrong World Industries.

Smart Building and Sustainable Materials

There are several sustainable materials for building contractors to choose from. As material shortages and costs of raw materials increase, the interest in sustainable materials does as well. Many sustainable building materials focus on the following factors: Recyclability, locally sourced status, manufacturing processes, and long-term durability.

Credit: CertainTeed

Healthy Buildings, Occupants, and Environments

The EPA notes that commercial and residential buildings account for over 11% of CO2 emissions. Design professionals and city planners are pushing to find the best sustainable building materials for projects. Green building practices are advancing quickly – choosing the best sustainable materials is a key component to a successful project.

Credit: NOVA

Saint-Gobain NOVA: Innovative Materials for the Future of Everyone

With over 350 years of experience, Saint-Gobain is one of the world’s largest building materials companies and manufacturer of innovative material solutions; key ingredients for the wellbeing and future of everyone. NOVA is the venture arm of Saint-Gobain, seeking forward-thinking startups whose philosophies align for well-being and sustainability. Discussion led by Michael Spirawk, Continuous Improvement Leader of Saint-Gobain, and Ben Price, NOVA External Ventures of Saint-Gobain.

From Saint-Gobain:

Saint-Gobain NOVA External Ventures and CertainTeed plan to discuss innovation initiatives to drive sustainability. Ben from NOVA will discuss the importance NOVA places on investing in sustainability-focused startups. Mike will discuss directions we’ve been taking relative to raw material efficiencies, internal recycling of material, water savings through recirculation, compressed air use reduction and more. Brian will touch on product development innovation and customer interactions.


Credit: Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong: Innovative Ceilings for Positive Differences in Spaces to Live, Work, Heal, & Play

Armstrong World Industries has developed new and sustainable ceiling solutions for over 150 years. Armstrong offers interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building performance, and create beautiful spaces. Discussion led by Anita Snader, Sustainability Manager.

From Armstrong World Industries:

In both renovation and new construction, healthier spaces are elemental. The ceiling is where it all comes together – a sustainable solution for acoustics, air containment and quality, better light and structural soundness. At Armstrong, we are building on a legacy of innovation in design, materials science and sustainability to help engineer healthier spaces where people thrive. Learn about our commitment to Healthier Spaces and Sustainability – delivering on our purpose to make a positive difference in spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play.

Credit: Armstrong World Industries

Join us Wednesday, March 17th at 10 am CT as we explore smart building products that promote building wellness and the health of occupants.