How IoT is Best Implemented on Smart Jobsites

How Smart Construction is leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Credit: PCL

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived to the construction industry. Concrete, machines, and more can have sensors to monitor performance relayed to an IoT platform. On February 18 at 10 am CT, join Amir Azhari, CCO of AOMS, and PCL’s Manager of Digital Construction as they reveal the future of construction with a digitized job site.

PCL is an industry-leading contractor, driven to be a next-generation construction partner. A Top 10 ENR Contractor, PCL is 100% employee-owned and committed to increasing the functionality of technologies to deliver value to clients, enhance worksite safety, and deliver smart buildings.

From PCL

Enhancing the safety, quality, and schedule of construction projects while reducing the cost with smart technology is the future of the construction industry. PCL’s Job Site Insights™ (JSI™) smart construction platform is enabling the future of construction by providing a digitized and connected job site that brings real-time data-driven insights to all aspects of construction. Being device agnostic, JSI™ is a custom-built Internet of Things (IoT) platform that leverages IoT sensors to continuously monitor environmental and material-based conditions in the field, bringing the real-time information that job sites need to enhance construction.

Credit: AOMS Technologies

AOMS IoT solutions monitor assets and processes with sensing solutions that combine the most cutting-edge hardware, software, and connectivity technologies. AOMS is designed to collect data for decisions on concrete, assets, and material management.


AOMS Technologies offers integrated and end-to-end Industrial IoT platforms, LumiCon, to help the construction industry collect and analyze mission-critical data and generate insightful information from assets and processes. LumiCon is a platform that offers IoT-enabled sensors such as wireless concrete sensors and microweather stations to enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity at construction job sites. PCL and AOMS Technologies partnered in March 2020 to fast-track the deployment of smart construction solutions in the industry.

This Week’s Discussion: How IoT Technologies are Implemented on Jobsites

This week learn from AOMS’s Amir Azhari, Chief Commercial Officer. Amir walks us through how IoT can be fast-tracked to the deployment of smart construction solutions. Learn how this partnership with PCL helps all stakeholders gain real-time visibility to productivity, safety, and efficiency on construction sites like never before.

Learn how IoT can be implemented from PCL as they walk us through how PCL’s Job Site Insights™ (JSI™) uses real-time data-driven insights, connecting a digitized construction site to the IoT platform to make better decisions.

Credit: PCL/AOMS

Drive the Construction Industry Towards a Technologically-Advanced Future

Make better real-time decisions with sensor technologies on concrete maturity, gases, sound, vibration, air quality, energy consumption, and more. Smart construction is now – the industry is reaching new milestones in integrating real-world data to make accurate decisions.