Round up: Product + software launches and executive changes

Happy Friday! It’s a little light this week (likely due to the U.S. July 4 weekend), but here’s our quick round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to

PX-80 release date announced 

Paracosm announced the release date for the PX-80, which we featured in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Set to arrive on October 16, 2017, the PX-80 is a mobile 3D scanner for jobsites. The scanner is handheld, collects imagery in color, and has a 100m range.

Source: Press release

Autodesk to launch new platform

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Autodesk will soon release a new platform for its Generative Design software. The upcoming Netfabb 2018 uses cloud computing to generate massive amounts of 3D visualizations. Factors can be configured to adjust style, material, size, cost, weight, and strength. More updates on the product are set for release in the coming months.

Source: Autodesk blog


Caterpillar VP retires

After spending 24 years at the equipment giant, Doug Hoerr, vice president of the material handling and underground (MH+U) division will retire from CaterpillarKarl Weiss will take over Hoerr’s position in the division.

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