2021 Venture East Conference: Venture East Startup Challenge Winner: Togal

The Venture East Startup Challenge featured six tech startups all looking to make an impact on the built world. A panel of investment experts listened and deliberated and chose the 2021 Venture East Startup Winner: Togal

Togal’s construction AI engine uses AIA measurement standards to automatically and accurately detect, label, and measure project spaces & objects within seconds. Their goal is to increase the performance of estimators and provide them with insights into their project space efficiencies.

Togal is one of many promising tech companies borne out of industry players. In this case, Togal was conceived at Coastal Construction, a major Florida contractor, before being spun out and launched as an independent company.  In this recording you will watch the Head of Product Development, Johnny Maghzal, walk you through what makes Togal so special.