BuiltWorlds US Summit Sessions 2021: Daniel Pifko, VP North America, WakeCap Technologies

One of the primary historic stumbling blocks to driving digital transformation in the construction industry has been the industry’s particular challenges with connecting the job sites, the actual “factory floors,” to management systems in order to gather and interpret data about what is actually happening at the place where products are being produced. Beginning with iPad enabled devices a little more than a decade a ago, all of that started to change, and today, we are truly beginning to see the proliferation of sensors on job sites that can give us much better information relating to safety, productivity, quality, and various areas of risk on the industry’s mobile “factory floors.”  Companies like, hard hat wearables provider, WakeCap, are among those bringing that data to project managers and other construction project stake holders to help them gather better data, in real time to help drive better project outcomes across a range of critical areas.

At the BuiltWorlds Americas Summit, in September of this year, we had the opportunity to speak with WakeCap’s VP of North America, Daniel Pifko and hear a bit about how gaining better, real time data about worker activity is helping driving safety, quality, productivity and other gains. We are also hearing about the gains to come in this arena as we continue to see improvements in wireless connection technology and also in the increasing standardization and interoperability of wireless systems and devices. As those technologies continue to improve and as contractors learn to integrate more IoT technology into their project and enterprise management systems, the vision of safer, higher quality, and more productive job sites is coming more clearly into focus.