BW Session – Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco, Director of Technology Office, Hilti

We were able to sit down and speak with Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco, Director of the Technology Office, Hilti, at our 2022 Venture West Conference for a discussion that covers everything from sustainability to robots and what is most exciting to her in the contech space. This particular interview took place during our first ever Women in Contech ThinkTank event and also features advice that Antonia would offer to women who are looking to get into the industry.

Soler Blasco has been at the forefront of innovation in the construction technology sector and very connected within the member network. Due to her strong thought leadership, she’s also featured in the 2022 BuiltWorlds Maverick Awards. The Builtworlds Mavericks list comes out annually and features industry-leading experts in various segments of the ecosystem. We will be hosting a celebratory dinner at this year’s Americas Summit taking place this September 7th-8th to honor all of the recipients of the award.  See the full list of industry innovators by clicking the image below and find more information about the US Summit here:

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Aside from being a dedicated partner to bring about the second iteration of our Women in Contech Think Tank at our upcoming EAME Summit in Paris, Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco will also be speaking at the EAME Summit on a panel aimed at confronting the labor shortages the industry faces in various regions. She will be joined in the panel by:

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