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Women in ConTech Forum 2022 EAME Summit

Women in Contech Forum - Technology Disruption & Emerging Opportunities in Construction


6.16.2022 11:00AM - 1:00PM


Hilti France 126 Rue Gallieni, Boulogne-Billancourt Paris, 92100

After decades of venture capital flowing past construction and into other sectors, a diverse set of innovations attracted over $4 billion dollars of investment into Contech startups in 2021 alone. From artificial intelligence to sustainability and the internet of things to robotics, the construction industry is rapidly transforming. This panel will feature start-up founders, construction industry leaders, technology executives, and Contech VC partners discussing the technologies and trends that will revolutionize our industry. Join us to learn about the emerging opportunities and how to harness them for your company and career.





Opening Remarks 

  • Julieta Moradei – Partner at Hometeam Ventures and co-founder of Women in Contech VC
  • Antonia Soler – Director of Hilti Technology Office and co-founder of Women in Contech VC


  • Ximena Aldea – Head of Customer Experience and Ecommerce at Hilti Group
  • Laure Ducoulombier – Head of R&D on VDC and Head of the Construction 4.0 Chair for Bouygues Construction
  • Anna Walkowska – CTO and Co-Founder of ProperGate
  • Alexandra Barraquand – Strategic Product Lead at Solar Impulse Foundation

Julieta Moradei

Partner, Hometeam Ventures

Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco

Director of Hilti Technology Office, Hilti

Ximena Aldea

Head of CX and Ecommerce, Hilti

Laure Ducoulombier

Head of VC R&D Department, Bouygues Group

Anna Walkowska

CTO, ProperGate

Alexandra Barraquand

Strategic Products Lead, Solar Impulse Foundation

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