2021 Adoption Leaders 50 List

Much has changed since we first launched our Adoption Leaders Top List back in 2017.  We launched the list because we noticed people were being place into leadership roles at industry companies to help their companies find, select, and implement new technologies. In these earlier lists, we found people from across a full spectrum of industry players, including manufacturers, consulting firms, and even other tech companies. With the ballooning number of people being added or promoted into new positions in the past couple of years, we opted this year to focus exclusively on AEC Tech Adopters. We hope this will provide an even clearer understanding of how significant the industry's shift is.

Innovation and "Technology" Take Hold in AEC

One of the most noteworthy things about this year's list is the number of people in industry companies who now hold Innovation or Technology titles. This year's list includes more than a fifteen people with Innovation in their title - nearly a quarter of the list - and we also see more senior level positions than in the early yers. This marks a significant shift from the early days when we more frequently saw VDC titles on this list and suggests that companies are taking amore comprehensive and strategic look at digital transformation today.

The Purview of Digital Transformation Expands

When we launched our list in 2017, roughly a quarter of the people on the list were either BIM Managers, virtual design and construction managers, or virtual design managers.  Today, we see much more breadth in the titles. This is likely a function of the industry's early focus on technology in the design and pre-construction phases to an increasingly full life cycle focus.

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1. Andy Gajbhiye

Company: Joeris
Job Title: Director of Construction Technologies


2. Brad Adams

Company: Graycor
Job Title: Director of IT

3. Brianne Stewart

Company: Milwaukee Tool
Job Title: Construction Technology Manager

4. Chris Dill

Company: Kiewit Corporation
Job Title: VP & CIO


5. Jisell Howe

Company: ENGworks
Job Title: Senior BPM Platform Integration Manager

jisell Howe

6. Haley Lundgren

Company: Eagle Point Software
Job Title: Customer Success Enablement Specialist


7. Andrew Cameron

Company: Hensel Phelps
Job Title: Project Manager

8. Hammad Chaudhry 

Company: EllisDon Corporation
Job Title: Director, VDC


9. Jason Pelkey

Company: Gilbane Building Company
Job Title: CIO


10. Jon Berkoe

Company: MWH Constructors
Job Title: Vice President, Director of Virtual Design & Construction


11. Josh Webb

Company: Palmisano
Job Title: Innovation Leader


12. Keith Churchill

Company: Bechtel
Job Title: Chief Innovation Officer


13. Matthew Byrtus

Company: XL Construction
Job Title: Director of IT

Matthew Byrtus

14. Michael Ricks

Company: Anning-Johnson Company
Job Title: Director of Strategic Operations

15. Mike Ernst

Company: Ryan Companies
Job Title: VP - Insights & Innovation

16. Patrick Laud

Company: Aldridge Electric
Job Title: IT Director

17. Paula Dobrowolska

Company: EllisDon Corporation
Job Title: Vice President, Enterprise Tech Solutions


18. Rosemarie Lipman

Company: EllisDon Corporation
Job Title: CIO and SVP, Digital & Data Engineering


19. Ryan Moret

Company: McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
Job Title: Manager - Project Delivery


20. T.J. Swyers

Company: Modern Companies Inc.
Job Title: IT Manager

21. Terrence Robbins

Company: STO Building Group
Job Title: Sr. Vice President/CIO

22. Tim Gaylord

Company: DPR Construction
Job Title: East Coast Innovation Leader

23. Todd Mercer

Company: Webcor Builders
Job Title: Vice President Strategic Innovation

24. Tomislav Zigo

Company: Clayco
Job Title: CTO

25. Lewis McKenzie

Company: McCarthy
Job Title: Manager (Emerging Technology)

26. Chris Smith

Company: Brayman Holding Company
Job Title: Director of IT Operations

27. Diego Harari

Company: VINCI
Job Title: Chief Innovation Officer at the real estate subsidiary

28. Guillaume Bazouin

Company: Leonard by Vinci
Job Title: Head of Open Innovation and Startups

29. Hoang Thanh

Company: Hazama Ando
Job Title: Global Innovation Manager

30. Jay Snyder

Company: Big Blue Innovations
Job Title: President

31. Johannes Paefgen

Company: Hilti
Job Title: Director, Boston Technology Office


32. Liem Tran

Company: Webcor Builders
Job Title: Senior VDC Manager

33. Lucas Manos

Company: Alvin H. Butz Inc.
Job Title: Director of Technology and Innovation

34. Mani Golparvar 

Company: Reconstruct
Job Title: Co-Founder and CTO

35. Mark Robertson

Company: DPR Construction
Job Title: Central Field Technology Group Lead

36. Mitch Sante

Company: Pavement Recycling Systems
Job Title: IT Director

37. Oliver Glockner

Company: Hilti
Job Title: Innovation Director


38. Aaron David Mendonca

Company: Burns & McDonnell
Job Title: Innovation & Development 

39. Priya Giri

Company: Schneider Electric
Job Title: Sr Director (Innovation@Edge)

40. Ram Ramisetti

Company: McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
Job Title: Analyst (Emerging Tech & Innovation)

41. Richard Lopez

Company: Hensel Phelps
Job Title: Senior VDC Manager

42. Robert Pedraza

Company: Golden Sands General Contractors
Job Title: IT Director

43. Rohan Jawali

Company: Hensel Phelps
Job Title: VDC Manager

44. Ted Jennings 

Company: Barton Malow
Job Title: Sr. VDC Manager

45. Tim Schubert

Company: Mortenson Construction
Job Title: Integrated Construction Manager

46. Tyler Williams

Company: DPR Construction
Job Title: Field Innovation Leader

47. Yuji Doi

Company: Kajima
Job Title: Technology Development Manager

48. Katerina Milovanoska

Company: Gafcon Digital
Job Title: Director BIM/VDC

Katerina MiloVanoska

49. Don Jacob

Company: Nemetschek Group
Job Title: VP, Technology & Innovation, Build & Construct Division

Don jacob

50. Donald Matthews

Company: Pavement Recycling Systems
Job Title: Technical Manager and Chief Engineer


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