About Hazama Ando

HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION (安藤ハザマ株式会社), is one of the major general contractors in Japan. It was launched in 2013 by the merger of the HAZAMA Corporation (1889) and ANDO Corporation (1873).It has overseas offices and projects in Asia, especially in the Southeast Asia and South Asian, as well as in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America.

Number of Employees: 3,576 (As of April 1,2020)

Business Field:
1. Civil engineering, building construction, and other construction work surveys, measurements, planning, designing, execution, supervising, technical guidance contracts, commissioning, and consulting work [consulting services]);
2. Provision of construction supplies, machinery, and appliances;
3. Real estate transactions and the ownership and use of real property and securities;
4. Soil survey and purification work contracts, business involving the collection, handling, and disposal of waste, and consulting work [consulting services] relating to such business;
5. Planning, designing, and consulting work (consulting services) relating to area development, urban development, environmental improvements, etc.;
6. Power generation, electricity, thermal, and other energy supply business, and consulting work [consulting services] relating to such business;
7. Investment in real-estate special purpose companies involving building construction contracts, the purchase and sale of equity interests therein, and the ownership and sale of trust beneficiary rights;
8. Acquisition, development, licensing, and sale of software, industrial property rights, and know-how relating to the use of computers;
9. Building Maintenance and Security Services;
10. Business incidental to each of the preceding items;
11. Joint management with others of each of the aforementioned business and investment in other business.

Key Facts

2013 (Hazama 1889, Ando 1873)
Tokyo, Japan
Company Type
Company Specialty
Architecture/Design, Civil, Construction Management, Consulting, Design, Electrical, Energy Products, Engineering, Equipment, General Contractor, Machinery/Robotics, Materials, Pavement & Heavy Civil, Project Management, Real Estate


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