5 Takeaways from Tech In Real Estate

On July 14, BuiltWorlds welcomed Sam Kennedy, vice president of JLL, to moderate our newest episode of Tech in Real Estate. Kennedy discussed spatial visualization with Mark Tepper from Matterport, a 3D media technology company, and Peter Alden from Floored, a creator of interactive 3D graphics and tech. Kennedy also dove into real estate mobility with Susannah Vila, CEO of Flip — a company that helps one sublet or get out of a lease — and Maggie Burns of Breather, a platform that allows users to book temporary work spaces.

Below are some takeaways from this episode of Tech in Real Estate, but trust us — you’re going to want to learn more about 3D visualization and how you can get out of a lease or, perhaps, not fully commit to one and just rent temporarily. So after this little taste, watch the live stream for the full meal.

1) “Put the handcuffs away, officer — it turns out I can sublet my apartment, and it ain’t illegal.”

In some states, like New York and Illinois, if a lease contains a clause saying you can’t sublet your apartment, that clause is not enforceable by law. 

2) If your “hip”, open plan office isn’t the scene for you (and your colleagues who like to get things done), perhaps you need a Breather.

3) “Hardware, you’re important — just not as important as Software.”

4) You should want to be like Sam in most ways. Finding out about Flip’s services a little too late just isn’t one of them.

5) There’s nothing sweeter than B2B love.

Watch the live stream below!