Leading 5 Investors on the 2023 Venture Investors 50 Toplist

The BuiltWorlds 2023 Venture Investors 50 is a list of the most active venture capital firms and strategic corporate funds investing in the built world today. Since 2017, BuiltWorlds has tracked venture deals in the construction and broader real estate ecosystem with a global lens. This year’s list includes investors that you may recognize from previous investor lists, but you'll see plenty of newcomers that have emerged in the built-worlds VC space more recently. The intent of this top investors list is to show the breadth of investors in this slow-to-adopt industry and the continued acceleration of innovative financing to develop real-estate tech ventures for years to come. Within this piece will be a deep look into the top 5 venture investors from this year's Toplist, including their latest deals and industry activity.

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Latest News: Fifth Wall took part as an investor in Electric Hydrogen's Series C funding round, a significant finance event that raised $380M, announced in early October.

Latest News: In late September, SE Ventures unveiled their new partnership with UnitX. They have contributed a substantial $5M into UnitX's Series B round, which raised a total of $46M.

Latest News: Energy Impact Partners took the lead in a strategic investment collaboration with Infravision, playing a vital role in their $23M Series A funding round.

Latest News: Berlin-based venture group, Foundamental, announced on October 9 that they are spearheading VARM's Pre-Seed funding round in partnership with A/O.

Latest News: In late July, Building Ventures contributed to existing partner, Aeroseal, by participating in their $67M Series B funding round.