Communication on Jobsites: How Digitalization Unifies People, Tools, & Machines to a Shared Vision

Credit: Cumulus

The gap in communications between the team on the construction jobsite and those at the office has never been greater. Plans often go through a game of telephone to notify changes, confirm construction quality, and optimize workflow. Things are changing – digitization and the IoT lets people and tools connect to a single unified platform. Join us at 10 am CT on Wednesday, March 24th as we explore creating transparencies for project workflows with Cumulus and Built Data.

Consistent Communication is a Necessity for Jobsites

Humans evolved the largest cerebral cortex of all mammals primarily for communication. Our communication and collaboration have been essential to our success for complex projects. Construction projects are no different; an architect and an electrician must be unified in their project visions to be successful. The division between office and field labor has been growing ever since designs began occurring more within the digital world with less time devoted to the physical world.

Currently, plans begin in the “idea” stage and are confirmed digitally with all necessary stakeholders (engineers, developers, etc.), and are distributed to the construction site (general contractors). If there is a limitation in the physical world (tolerance issue, spacing limitation, etc.), the message is then conveyed through a similar fragmented process back to the digital space for designers. This process can iterate over several periods before everyone is on the same page. This communication method is a tremendous waste of resources.

Credit: Built Data

Improve Construction Productivity through Enhanced Communication

Construction has lagged behind other industries in productivity growth in the past several decades, largely due to this disconnect between designers in the office and personnel in the field. New technologies aim to change that by connecting everyone to a fully connected, data-driven platform. The Internet of Things (or, Internet of Tools) can collect data from digitally-enabled tools in the field to a single source of “truth” for real-time assurance and progress tracking. Gone are the days of telephones and the morphing of data due to a fragmented communication process. Get your team focused on one vision today!

Cumulus: Eliminate Accidents, Unplanned Downtime, and Rework

Cumulus is making construction sites safer, cleaner, and more productive by connecting workers, tools, and data with the industry’s first Internet of Tools-enabled operations and maintenance platform. Cumulus’s platform manages construction workflows and collects data into a single source. Discussion led by Matthew Kleiman, CEO.

Credit: Cumulus

Built Data – Funnel Field Communications into a Common Platform to Save Time and Money

Built Data aims to solve the construction dilemma. Field communication is oft fragmented and repeated, every time the message is prone to change or unintentional modification. Built Data is the social solution for the construction dilemma; they can enhance your communications by integrating real-world job progress to a single communications platform. Discussion led by Brett Grendahl, Founder & CEO.

From Built Data:

Built Data is the communications platform that provides the social solution for the construction dilemma. Construction is a fundamental human experience and one of our oldest industries. While the industry has seen great technological advances in some areas, like design and office-related functions how communications are handled amongst and with the skilled craft laborers working on the job site have not changed Built Data helps the skilled laborers in the field get more work done while it brings vision into the organic nature of the job site to the professionals (project managers, project executives, architects, engineers, code officials, etc.) who are working somewhere else. It’s a unique take on a simple solution aimed at truly providing a solution for our folks in the field and the way they want to communicate and get/give information about daily issues and work that needs to get done. The Built Data platform is an organic way to collect, store and organize lessons learned in a way that is nearly effortless to those on the frontlines – in other words, they don’t even necessarily know they are collecting lessons learned in a  formal or cumbersome sense. Construction is one of the most collaborative human efforts and Built Data connects one of the industries most untapped resources, the skilled men and women craft laborers turning designs into physical realities.

Credit: Built Data

Join us at 10 am CT on Wednesday, March 24th to learn about unifying communications on your jobsite.