Europe’s Built World Industry Leaders


One of the things we’re most excited to explore at our Global Summit in Paris is how the major players in the region are fueling innovation. As we did with the investors and emerging tech players, here are a few of the many disruptors and innovators who are changing the face of the construction industry in Europe:

Acconcia - I’MNOVATION - Spain


Acciona’s Open Innovation Accelerator program included challenges across a broad range of topics aligning with their business lines. Start-Ups they have worked with include companies focused on areas such as business intelligence, energy, mobility such as Artelnics, Flexidao, and Kineo And for those interested in spending more time in Madrid, they offer their A-Lab CoWorking Space.

BAM Construction - United Kingdom


This UK-based construction company tackles a lot, including design, construction, services engineering, and plant management. Last year, BAM completed one of its most high-profile projects: Coal Drops Yards at King’s Cross, where old 19th-century buildings were renovated and transformed into a popular retail destination in the heart of London.

Bouygues - France


The Bouygues Group is a massive industrial company that covers so many industries. The company’s construction sector is a leader in sustainable building. They’ve completed some high-profile projects including Stade de France, home to the country’s national soccer team. We’ll actually be hearing from Bouygues at our Summit, where Julien Bourcerie, Head of Open Innovation, will deliver a keynote address.

Saint-Gobain - France


Founded in 1665, Saint-Gobain has a rich history as a manufacturer, a role which they continue to fill, providing materials for every type of construction job imaginable: residential, commercial, civil, and infrastructure. Saint-Gobain is also a leader in high-performance materials, meeting the increasing demands of buildings.

Stay tuned for more insight surrounding these players and others in our 2019 European Market Report to be released July 31st.