Inside StratusVue’s Latest Update: The Industry’s Long-Standing Management Software Gets a Makeover


There are few digital tools in the construction industry as long-standing as StratusVue, the construction project management software that’s been crafting innovative ways to collaborate on and off the jobsite since the early 2000s. Last July, the platform rolled out a slew of new features that further defined their role as a vital solution for maximizing construction project efficiency. How have these updates been improving the workflows of StratusVue’s clients, though, and how has the software changed?

For StratusVue, listening to their user-base was key in understanding how to keep evolving their platform. Thus, the popular management software company took feedback to heart when refactoring their user interface to further streamline processes within it. More responsive interfaces on StratusVue now support an industry experiencing a generational transition. There’s increased fluidity that makes StratusVue easier to use than ever before.

“StratusVue has been around since the early 2000s when the construction project management software industry looked like Excel spreadsheets, emails, and faxes,” explains Brian Anson, COO of StratusVue. “We innovated ways to connect the field to the office and created a unified solution for project document creation and distribution. In that sense, we have been pushing the industry to incorporate technology and efficiencies through the use of our program since the beginning.”

Of course, integration with existing complementary platforms is imperative, too, and that’s why StratusVue strives for what they describe as “true integration.” The software functions perfectly well with BidVue and BIMfx, if users want to move between platforms during their workflow. The software is, however, an all-in-one solution that allows management and documentation from design to building.

A project landing page accessible via the web client of StratusVue.

The Nassal Company, a specialty contractor in Florida that specializes in fabrication for themed environments: zoos, museums, theme parks, and so on, have been using StratusVue both before and after the software’s latest update. Wyatt Marks, the company’s Assistant Operations Manager, appreciates the recent changes. “It’s more user-friendly,” Marks said. “The functionality has improved and we’ve been helping StratusVue test… They’ve really been listening and fixing stuff when it comes up.”

Other updates to StratusVue include support for the CM-GC marketplace and a focus on device independence. Around the world or on the jobsite, clients can use any web-enabled device to access information. “Just by selecting our solution the client becomes more efficient,” Anson remarked. “It forces a company to reevaluate and map processes that might not have been previously defined. When you combine that efficient internal process with our efficient way of performing the process, that becomes the game-changer.”

This article is sponsored by StratusVue.